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The Consortium of Independent Ontario Catholic Schools (CIOCS) is a network of Catholic schools whose primary purpose is to foster collaboration and communion among its members while upholding shared values, mission, and commitment to authentic Catholic education. Member schools share a common commitment to Catholic teachings and values, integrating faith-based principles into their educational programs and school culture.

CIOCS believes that every child’s identity is to be rooted and conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, in whose immutable image we are created. CIOCS seeks to develop a support structure to assist our existing and prospective member schools in a variety of areas, including internal organization, mutual collaboration, shared advocacy, program development, financial counselling and assistance, operations, and strategic planning.

CIOCS also seeks to re-establish the bond of communion and trust between students, parents, educators, supporters, priests, religious, and bishops in fully witnessing to the authentic Catholic Faith. Currently, there are approximately 10 schools who have expressed interest in the Network.

CIOCS seeks to offer support and development in three practical areas:

To empower Catholic parents and educators as “educational entrepreneurs” with practical resources, professional advice, and financial opportunities to establish new Catholic schools in Ontario.


To assist member schools in sustaining and developing their educational vocation. By drawing on the collective experience and knowledge of existing schools and their founders, members gain invaluable insight from each other to develop their own programs, collaborate and plan common initiatives, events, and annual gatherings. Members share professional teaching development, enjoy financial benefits through economies of scale, and grow a nascent economy rooted in legitimate Catholic social principles and natural law.


To present a collective, singular voice to engage third parties to further members’ common objectives in advancing Catholic education in Ontario, including collaborating with other independent school networks in seeking common objectives.


Specific Areas of Collaboration

Shared Mission and Values

Member schools share a common commitment to Catholic teachings and values, integrating faith-based principles into their educational programs and school culture.

Facilitation of Resource Sharing

CIOCS will facilitate collaboration among member schools to share best practices, educational resources, and professional development opportunities to enhance the overall quality of education provided by each school.

Advocacy and Representation

CIOCS will serve as a collective voice to advocate for the interests of independent Catholic schools in Ontario at local, regional, or provincial levels, engaging with policymakers and stakeholders in matters relevant to education and faith-based institutions.

Joint Programs and Activities

CIOCS member schools will coordinate joint programs, events, or extracurricular activities that promote spiritual development, community engagement, and socialresponsibility among students.

Networking and Support

​CIOCS will offer a supportive network for school administrators, teachers, and
staff, allowing them to exchange ideas, seek advice, and address challenges collectively.

Accreditation and Quality Assurance

CIOCS will establish basic standards and procedures for quality assurance and accreditation to ensure that member schools maintain high educational standards
consistent with their Catholic identity, while respecting the charism and internal operations of memberschools and other networks to which they belong.

Professional Development

​CIOCS will organize workshops, seminars, and conferences aimed at enhancing the professional and spiritual growth and expertise of educators within the member schools.

Financial Assistance

CIOCS will establish an avenue to co-ordinate financial assistance offered by various Catholic organizations, respecting the principle of subsidiarity by fostering relationships between the donor and the individual schools.

Economies of Scale

CIOCS will provide an opportunity for member schools to enjoy best pricing for goods and services by leveraging the student population of its Network with suppliers and professional service organizations.

Spiritual Enrichment & Communion

CIOCS will provide an avenue and venue for mutual collaboration among member schools for the spiritual growth of authentically Catholic education.

Comprehensive Educational Strategic Development

CIOCS will seek to expand its support and development from its current focus on primary and secondary education to post-secondary educational models, both with conventional structures but also with unconventional models.

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