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Steering Committee
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Michael Aguiar - Chairman

Michael is an Educational Entrepreneur who studied in the Catholic Studies for Teachers program at King's University College at the University of Western Ontario along with extensive Religious and Humanities studies at the Legion of Christ Novitiate and College of Humanities. Concluding his religious studies, Michael began to develop exceptional experience in business management, leadership training, and network marketing. Today, Michael serves as the Head of School of Mater Boni Consilii Academy in Oakville, Ontario. With over 10 years of youth and pastoral ministry experience, Michael  dedicates himself to the mission of engaging and forming a new generation of Catholic leaders. In June 2021, Michael successfully opened a transitional youth home in Oakville, Ontario with Oasis Youth Care offering support services in efforts to help reduce youth homelessness.

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John Pacheco - Secretary / Treasurer

John Pacheco, B.Comm, C.P.A. is a former director of finance and vice president (2012-2022) of a nationally recognized real estate developer and a Catholic Activist for over 30 years. He has a part-time accounting and advisory practice, “Bridge Accounting & Advisory Services”, named in honour of Our Lady of the Cape and the miracle ice bridge. His practice serves small businesses and Christian charities. He currently serves as the Marian Devotional Movement's Chair of the Board of Trustees, as well as serving as trustee for other charities. He is married to Lara and father to four homeschooled daughters.

Foundations of CIOCS

In the Spring of 2023, a group of passionate educators, and community leaders came together with a shared vision of fostering excellence in Catholic education. These individuals believed in the power of collaboration and the strength that could derives from unity. Inspired by this common goal, they embarked on a journey to establish a network that would bring together independent Catholic schools across the province.

The idea took root in the hearts and minds of these visionaries, who recognized the need for a collaborative platform where independent Catholic schools could share resources, exchange best practices, and work collectively to uphold the values of Catholic education.


Through simple phone calls and emails to private Catholic schools across the province, several individuals and school leaders came together to begin a simple exchange of best practices. A palpable sense of excitement filled the air as participants eagerly anticipated the positive impact that this Consortium would have on the future of independent Catholic schools in Ontario.

The founding members of the Consortium of Independent Ontario Catholic Schoools shared their perspectives on the significance of this collaborative endeavor. They emphasized the importance of preserving the unique identity and values of each school while collectively working towards common educational goals. The hope for the Consortium is not just a network; but a community that aims to enhance the educational experience for students, strengthen the Catholic identity of schools, and contribute to the broader mission of the Church and Catholic education in the province of Ontario.

Under the patronage of Our Lady of the Cape, the Consortium of Independent Ontario Catholic Schools stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, guiding the way towards a future where the values of faith, knowledge, and community are at the forefront of education.

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